• WeSupport fair trade
  • WeStrengthen the environment
  • WeImprove the health of our world’s inhabitants
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Doing Our Part

Sustainability is more important today than ever before and WeFARM Organics has adapted to the changing environment to remain stable. Our core strength is our relationships with farmers, processors, buyers, and end users.

We are better together.

Meet the WeFarm Organics Team

Photo of Sol
Founding WeFARM, Sol has built the company to care for you!
Photo of Rob
Chief Operating Officer
With 27 years of experience in International Business, Rob understands how to supply you the product you need.
Photo of Pauline
Operations Manager
With 20 years' experience, Pauline excels in operations, logistics, and certifications.
Photo of Ara
Strategic Advisor
Innovative strategies and multi-lingual abilities, Ara connects us and moves us forward.
Photo of Jenna
Project Manager
Running customer projects and internal projects, Jenna uses her diverse background to structure our processes as we grow.
Photo of Doug
Sales Manager
With 45 years of experience, Doug does it all!
Photo of Scott
Director of Reclamation
20 years ensuring a sustainable,
full-circle utilization of organic materials for organic production.
Photo of Peter
Sales Support
Hands-on in the real world or
hands-off in a virtual environment, Peter builds and executes.
Photo of Hannah
Finance, accounting, legal, and taxes,
Hannah keeps the company organized and moving forward.
Photo of Jim
Account Executive
Feed, food & fertilizer - Jim sells it all! With over 30 years experience in agriculture markets, there is nothing Jim can't handle.